February 5, 2023


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It can’t be said enough: start now. While it’s easy to load up on non-essentials, it’s critical to set a budget and invest. Getting your finances in order is one of the most important things you can do to prepare. It’s never too early to start even if the numbers are small.
A minor medical problem such as a toothache can turn into a full-blown emergency when you’re faced with a choice between getting the treatment you need versus paying your car loan so you can still drive to your must-keep job. But then it snowballs into a larger problem, root canals are more expensive than a cavity filling, you miss more work or get fired, then you can’t pay your bills, and so on.


Here are 4 ways to get $5 in free stock and you could receive over $1,000 in free stocks with some persistence.
But first, why do I care, and more importantly why should you care, about $5 in free stock? Will a measly $5 help you reach financial independence? Yes, $5 will help you reach financial independence. By valuing and stacking small wins, you are cultivating a mindset and a decision making process that, aggregated and compounded, leads to larger and larger gains. Warren Buffet called it his snowball. You gather twenty $5 opportunities and you have $100. When you make ten $100 decisions you have $1,000. You negotiate a 1% reduction in a real estate commission on your $500,000 home sale and you have $5,000. You do this for years and years and on a bigger and bigger scales and you accumulate wealth from your seemingly small actions. Ready? Let’s get some free stock and have some fun.

1. $5 Free in Free Stock from Stockpile.com
This one is easy. Simply use this link to get your free stock.
Stockpile has a fun user interface that I believe is supposed to appeal to young adults. If you want, you can set up a custodial account for your child to get them started in investing using this free stock from Stockpile.
Redeem the free stock in your new account like a gift card. Easy $5. See? I told you this would be fun.

2. Between $3 to $200 in Free Stock From Robinhood
Okay, that was fun but you’ll love this one. Remember the thrill of opening a pack of baseball cards? Well, this is like that but you get a free share of stock valued between $3 and $200, with the average being around $10. There's no other requirements, no minimum deposit amount, and trades are free.
What is Robinhood? Robinhood is a commission-free stock trading platform. Normally, you pay a fee (around $6) to trade stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Robinhood is free to trade. They do not charge a maintenance fee either.
You can get a free stock for opening a Robinhood account and begin trading for free as well. Once you have your free stock, you can begin referring your friends and family to Robinhood and receive up to $500 in free stocks.
Link Here

3. At least 2 free stocks from Webull
Webull is an online brokerage firm with mobile, desktop, and web trading platforms. It is free to use with no commissions to buy or sell stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and options. This platform was free before all of the big investment firms were doing it. You`ll have to deposit at least $100 and hold or invest it in your account for 90 days before withdrawing to retain the free stocks from Webull.
Link Here

4. $5 Free from Acorns
When you sign up for Acorns, you’ll get a free $5. Acorns lets you invest small dribs and drabs of change from larger purchases. Here’s how it works: You link Acorns to your credit or debit card accounts, and then the app rounds up every time you make a purchase so they can invest your small change for you over time. It automatically invests your money into a portfolio that makes sense for you. If your portfolio ever gets way out of line, Acorns will engage in re-balancing.
So let’s say you buy something for $3.24. Acorns will automatically round the purchase up to $4. Then they take that extra 76 cents and put it into your investment account. Every time you hit the $5 threshold in your account, they invest it for you. You can alternatively set up automatic deposits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Since Acorns charges $1 per month to use its service (free if you’re a college student or faculty member), I view that $5 as five free months, not free stock. You want to get your Acorns balance up to about $2,000 to justify the $1 per month fee. But you can do that in five months!
Acorns has also created referral relationships with several online retailers and service providers. When you make purchases from a select list of retailers, the companies will deposit Found Money into your account. Found money ranges from 1-2% of the purchase price for most retailers. Retailers include Apple, Walmart.com, AirBnB, The Wall Street Journal and more. 
Link Here


High Interest Savings Investment Account Earn 5% interest on any deposited funds plus $10 free with Worthy
With so many complicated and expensive investment options, getting a decent return is difficult. But... what if you could create a financial future aligned with your values and lifestyle?
That's what Worthy will help you do.
Worthy is the only platform that allows you to invest as low as $10, earn 5% interest without having to pay any fees, and you can withdraw anytime.
We use the bond proceeds primarily to make secured loans to growing American businesses. Imagine that — putting your money to work by supporting your fellow humans. Ready to get started?
Link Here


Free Bitcoin
Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy to buy, sell, or store crypto with tools to help both beginner and advanced traders. Gemini is the safe, trusted way to build your crypto portfolio. Join Gemini with the below promo code and you’ll receive $10 of bitcoin after you buy or sell $100.
Link Here


Mine for some cash with your unused PC processing power
Cudo Miner is a cryptocurrency miner packed with features that help you earn as much money as possible from your laptop or PC. Cudo Miner is easy to install and secure to use. Supporting GPU, CPU and ASICs with a dedicated web console for monitoring and remote management of all your devices. Cudo Miners platforms are fully automated and optimised for both profit and the highest performance on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu (Linux), CudoOS and ASICs. Cudo Miner is suitable for miners with all levels of experience from single machines up to full scale GPU and ASIC mining farms
Link Here


An all in one finance tracker
Personal Capital is an all-in-one financial toolkit. You can use Personal Capital for free to manage your financial life. You don't have to enroll in the investment service. Even if you only have a credit card and a bank account or two, this service is useful. See your cash flow; Personal Capital will track your deposits and spending based on your debit and credit card use and ATM cash withdrawals across all your accounts. It's tedious to do this yourself, so with this, you can see just how much of your income you use each month.
Track your spending habits -- Personal Capital will gather all your transactions in one place, so you can see the exact amount you spend for each merchant and category.
Learn your net worth -- Your net worth is simply your assets minus your liabilities. Once you have linked all your accounts, Personal Capital will calculate your net worth. It'll also continue to automatically update it based on your ever-changing financial situation (such as investment gains or losses). You'll get a weekly update of your current net worth.
Fee analyzer -- This is the place where most people lose money without even realizing it. Most investment accounts charge fees, including trade and administrative fees, and banks may even charge you fees for checking and savings accounts. A bit like your own private financial detective, Personal Capital tracks fees and shows you where you might be wasting money. You can use this information to call your bank and see if they can reduce the fees or find a better account for your needs.
Portfolio performance -- The Investment Checkup tool helps you analyze whether your current strategy is meeting your financial goals. Based on your goals and risk tolerance, Personal Capital will advise you if you need to change your allocation (like more bonds and less stocks). It will give you suggestions on how to reduce risk while maintaining performance.
Retirement planner -- This is one of the most advanced retirement calculators out there. Based on all the accounts you have linked, it will automatically calculate projected income, investments, and Social Security distributions. You can also manually add in big financial events like buying a house, wedding, having a baby, and kids' college expenses. The program will take all this info and come up with a realistic look at what your retirement will look like.

I’m not saying you should go out of your way to use these products and services, but if you need them anyway why not get some free money along the way?

You don’t want to leave too much cash sitting idle in bank accounts that earn you almost nothing. Put that money to work so it makes you even more money instead — in other words, make compound interest work for you!
If you have $10,000 in a savings account, it will pay you a horrible average of $6 per year in interest. But that same $10,000 put into the stock market or similar investments will create an average of $700-$800 per year.

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